Supercharged photography and film Catering

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Supercharged photography and film catering

We have gone above and beyond any other shoot caterer in our dedication to perfect our nutritionally designed menus; enhancing focus, stamina and balanced mood for London's most sophisticated and demanding photographic shoot industry.

We are predominantly gluten and dairy free with an emphasis on synergy foods, nutritional balancing, alkali and antioxidants, boosters and pure oils. 

We have a 7 tonne food truck for shoots over 200 and a standard food truck for shoots up to 200 people.

Our unique catering enables most of clients to take us in to any location or studio of their choice.

Please ask us about our Elite Shoot Catering - Most recent clients Art Partner and Bell House

Top photographers, Top Artistes, Art Directors, Production, Media and PR companies can trust us to consistently deliver dishes that impress and keep their team healthy and happy all day long.

Ask us about our Nutrition High Banquets.

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