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Street food is provided in many forms throughout London and UK as it is the most popular catering service of today, however many caterers still don't understand the actual concept of Street Food.

Street food is a specialist movement and authentic Street Foodies push the boundaries with preparation, taste, fun and surprise. The Street Food ethos is based on local community and always has a story behind the food aligned with a true excellence within the dishes served.

What We Do

We have combined real street food inspiration with event chef experience and style
to bring you all the passion and flair that you will love, along with the
attention to detail and efficiency you’ll appreciate.

Our Ethos

Our ethos and approach to Street Food is simple, we bring together a variety of perspectives with an emphasis on matters of provenance. We are determined in our alignment with local farms and our sourcing of all other produce locally to support our community.

Our Service

We incorporate a circulation service to avoid long queues whilst providing fun and interactive engagement with our clients. Each stall is a feast for the eyes and the food a feast for the senses. Ravenous Street Food is a great opportunity to enhance your brand and message of the day.

The Ravenous Shack

Made from reclaimed and recycled goods designed to look like an actual shack with serving counter which can be placed indoors or outdoors.

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed is our latest creations- Banks of living salad served with organic crudites and arrange of super boosting salad dressings. Guests cut there own living salads.

Best presented with Ravenous sushi, artisan bread baskets and condiments.

The Earth Oven

The Earth Oven more famously known by the ancient Aborigines as Bush Tucker.

Lamb marinated in our ancient secret marinaded is slow cooked in the Earth Oven from 4 to 8 hours depending on numbers.
The grand reveal is the highlight of any party. The mouth watering lamb is then carved and served with bush tucker jus with he side dishes of your choice.

The Earth Oven is available at The Look Out, Hyde Park and our country estate Glebe House, Burwash.

Ravenous mobile wood fired pizza oven

Our state of the art mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven attended by our Ravenous Chefs to serve hot, fresh, delicious, bubbling pizzas to your guests.

The service is theatrical, fast and efficient.

a taste of provence

- Le Lamb et Frites: seared lamb cutlet with double blanched    truffle fries and Champagne cream
- Moules de ma Mere: Moules Provencale with double blanched frites, a true classic.


The West Bank Wonder - Mouth watering corn fed chicken marinated for 24 hours in Lebanese spices, lemon and a hint of chilli, wrapped with a crispy gem salad, yoghurt and fresh mint, tomato salsa and pickled chillies

The Vegan Lebanon - Pure organic tofu tossed in Lebanese spice and grilled in front of guests then tossed into corn wraps with crispy gem salad, dairy free yoghurt and fresh mint, tomato salsa and pickled chillies a vegan option

Montezuma's nacho stand

-Choco Taco Mex - nachos served with amazonian chocolate jalepeno vegetarian chilli with guacamole and sour lime cream
-Yucatan Taco - tender pulled pork, twice marinated in fresh oranges and caramelised served with a guacamole and sour lime cream

ye olde london town

- My Old Man's Mince and Tatties: beef mince with carrots and  peas with a rich reduced beef stock with creamed potato mash
- High Tea Kedgeree: succulent chunks of wild smoked Haddock,  rice, parsley, free range eggs, Indian spicies with cream


What we do;
Ravenous elegant or quirky dessert stations
Stunning desserts – just ask us for our menus
Superb gluten and dairy free dessert range
Kosher lolly trees and over flowing sweet displays
Chocolate fountains
Unique wedding cakes & much more
Please see below our new venture Ravenous Tea Couture with Amber Rose Teas

Tea Couture

Amber Rose, recently launched in Harvey Nichols, have designed luxurious tea experiences that will exceed your expectations and heighten your senses.  A blend of the finest quality teas inspired by the fascinating history of the Ancient Tea Trails. English Heritage, Britains Tea Legacy and the National Health Benefits of teas.

We are thrilled to have aligned with Amber Rose bringing you the genius concept: Ravenous Tea Couture.

Ravenous Tea Couture showcases an array of delicious cocktails and exotic foods infused with the most magnificent range of teas with an emphasis on delicate taste, elegant twists, health and beautiful presentation. Incorporating cocktails, canapés and banqueting menus

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