MAY 2017

Thursday 11th - Moorgate
Thursday 18th - Paddington
Wednesday 24th - Spitalfields
Thursday 25th - Waterhouse Square

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Designed for the entrepreneurial mindset Ravenous High Energy and Focus food pots and boxes are the new inspirational food for Inspired business. 

Created by Ravenous chefs working in association with sports nutritionists

Bringing you an unbelievably delicious menu combining food Synergy, superior oils and dressings, super foods, super boosters and antioxidants within every single dish. 

The combination of super boosters (until now generally used in smoothies and juices), super foods, superior oils and food Synergy combinations are designed to do exactly what is says on the pot or box!

1. A perfect Synergy of lean protein, slow burn carb, super food salads, superior oils and super boosters in a pot £5.00 / £7.50

2. Antioxidant Synergy salad pot with super booster dressing £4.00

3. Sweet fix booster pots £4.00

Pick your fix
Menu for Brain Focus
Menu for Vision and Vitality
Menu for Nutritional Bliss 

Each menu is a delicious selection of breakfast and lunch dishes designed to boost mental vision and brain focus, sustain a slow and consistent energy release and balance and reassure mood; making these fabulous creations the perfect accompaniment to any meeting, conference or just to help sustain energy and focus throughout a demanding working day.

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